Children's Poetry
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Rainforest Poem

Nearly every single day
Rainforests go, and have gone away.
There were many once all over the globe
Not so now – not even hope.
People cut them down for money
And that is all that they care about.
Many of the rainforest have been set on
Fire to get them rooted out.
So many acres disappear every month in
A year I wonder why they do these things
And destroy all of the animal homes.
They leave the birds to fly with  wings
But they have nowhere for a nest.
Nowhere to rest.
One place that we get some food is
In the rainforest we can find cashew
Nuts, cucumber, mango and  more.
Now the humans are in a stew.

                                 By Stephen.

When most people think about the rainforest,
They think there are lots and lots.
Really there aren’t that many,
Because of timber used for tables and cots.
The rainforest is important,

To everyone on earth,
There are a lot of ways to save it,
Like putting less wood on the hearth.
The rainforests are being destroyed,
And it’s our fault too.
There are lots of ways we can help,
Lots of things we can do.

  Indians and birds are losing their Homes,
They live in the rainforests
Indians make their houses there,
With birds making their nests.
  So let us help the rainforest,
In every way we can.
The rainforests are being destroyed,
And it’s all the fault of man.

By Becky

Acres and acres gone every day,
Could they ruin the world in such a terrible way.

They light a fire and let it burn,
They do not care if people gurn.

All they want is the rainforests away,
So they go and do it everyday.

Now there are not many rainforests on this earth.
So not many animals can live and give birth.

There are many animals in the rainforest,
Some swim, some fly and some climb and some walk on the
forest floor.

It is sad when you see some animals dying,
Some people do not care but
Some are crying.



The Trees Are

Going, Going, .........Gone

The trees are going two by two,
The animals on the forest floor,
Are losing their sweet homes
Every hour.
London Bridge is burning down,
The beautiful rainforests too.
It’s terrible what people do,
For wood and cattle too.
In years to come we
Need the trees so
Stop, listen and think
What we might do
Without these creatures
Is impossible for me or you.
Acres are cut down
Every second of every day
So save the rainforests,
The wide life too.
Before they’re extinct
So hurry up say.
Environment will suffer
So will we.
So protect our rainforest
Leave them be…………

                                         By Aimee